Detox Monday – Ground Zero

11:27 Monday Night:

It only really hit me the difficulty of the task I had set myself when I saw those three little packs of juices, neatly lined up inside a cube ice cooler. Things Louise has to quit (essentials of every hedonistic journalist, though):

  1.  caffeine. that means most tea, soft drinks, coffee; this means that if I want to function in the day I need to get good rest every night. Time to be good.
  2. sugar. self explanatory.
  3. alcohol. jesus. in the excitement of my coming challenge and Lady Gaga coming to Hong Kong, I might’ve just confused the levels of excitement all together and forgotten that my Gaga concert  (tickets challenging to obtain thank you very much, but instead of getting ripped off he gave me a discounttoo good to be true?)
  4. nicotine. oh god. i have enough trouble with this as it is.
  5. solid foods. yeah okay. whatever. i can do that. ….right?

Anyways, as I know that my self-discipline isn’t as iron as I’d like it to be, I have back up smokes (if I’m really suffering, 1-2 MAX), and dark chocolate to just give me a boost. Already someone with erratic eating habits, Punch Detox recommended weaning off the stuff that I’m going to be missing ie. all of the above instead of embracing the EAT AS MUCH AS YOU CAN mentality. Well, guess which one I picked. We’ll see how things run, Punch Detox has been really great with the packaging, the ice coolers to make it easy to transport, the numbers that tell you which drink is first and so forth. They’ve basically made it as easy as possible for you – and it’s up to you to deal with the discipline.

I am happy that they’re quite informative when the punch rounds begins, detailing what you’re going to be eating, what ingredients are in each juice and how they help you.

So this is it. 6 days, 36 bottles of juice, and one hedonistic, sarcastic and immoral journalist to deal with.

Suck it,