remix reschmix

Just a quick post about the manner in which online media often take existing cultural texts and remix, alter or modify them to create new texts, with new original meanings. Lately, my favorite has been the following:


peanut for an elephant

screen capture of 3eanuts

This website takes Charlie Brown comics and removes the last panel, and therefore takes away the punchline, modifying the meaning of Charlie Brown into an investigation into existential angst…

Friday Political Remix

This video takes the original text and create new meaning by changing what the politicians are saying! Instead of political rhetoric, they are just singing Friday, by Rebecca Black. What is interesting is the juxtaposition of the banality of the lyrics, which is something many commentators have said are potentially representative of modernity (depressing), and the supposed importance of political debates.

Snake whilst watching Youtube

This isn’t so much remix as intertexuality, but it’s fun nevertheless. It’s a nice example of creativity mixed with the typical sense of ‘know how’ that the internet runs on. Without insider knowledge, you wouldn’t laugh at the memes, you wouldn’t know where to download files, you wouldn’t know what sites are about what. Then it also shows how people often don’t find things out by themselves anymore, and the endless game FAQs are a good example of how simple the Internet has made…things…games…




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